General Dentistry

Botox can help those with TMD feel relief from the pain and pressure resulting from the incorrect fit of the upper and lower jaws.
Whether caused by an unexpected accident or a result of repeated stress on the teeth, tooth fractures can put the teeth at risk of further damage and…
Unfortunately, many people who grind their teeth do so while they are sleeping and are therefore unaware of the damage they are doing.
Dry mouth is a common issue that many people face, yet they don't realize how potentially harmful it can be.
When a patient is suffering from severe dental damage and multiple oral health problems, they may be ideal full mouth reconstruction candidate at our…
A number of people have misconceptions about what cavities are and how dentists can fix them. Let's go over some of the basics of tooth decay and then…
Did you know that attending routine dental exams and cleanings could improve your dental health and your overall health?