Cosmetic Dentistry

It may take a little time to adjust to having new porcelain veneers. Learn our tips for a successful transition period!
Dr. William Couvelis outlines the porcelain veneers treatment process at his cosmetic dentistry practice in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood.
Maintaining your porcelain veneers is easy as long as you follow our porcelain veneers aftercare instructions.
For those who choose to whiten their teeth at home, Dr. Couvelis will make an impression of their teeth and then fabricate a custom whitening tray.
Common TMJ disorder symptoms include jaw pain, grinding, stiffness, or worse. Learn common problems and how we will relieve the pain and discomfort.
People who suffer from TMJ disorder, a condition that affects the joint connecting the jaw to the skull, can benefit from BOTOX® treatment.
Porcelain veneers are durable and can keep the smile looking beautiful for many years. However, they may require replacement at some point.
For people who suffer from minor and predominantly cosmetic issues with malocclusion, porcelain veneers are often an ideal solution to consider.
If your smile is affected by a single tooth that protrudes compared to the rest of your teeth, there are a number of cosmetic dentistry solutions that…
Chipped teeth compromise the strength and aesthetics of the smile. Even more concerning, a deep chip can expose the nerves and tissues that lie within…
Gapped teeth are one imperfection that leaves many of our patients feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth and smile. Fortunately,…
Dental imperfections, like discoloration, chips, or irregularly shaped teeth, can leave you wishing there was some way to improve your smile. There…
The line separating cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry has become so blurred in recent years that it’s sometimes difficult to remember that…